A Review of the Honeywell MM14CCS Portable Air Conditioner

Most of us think twice before we buy an air conditioner, mostly because installing one in every room would cost us a fortune. Fortunately, now, we have portable air conditioners which are cheaper and work as well as a non-portable one. One of these air conditioners that you’ll probably want to buy as soon as you set your sights on is the Honeywell MM14CCS with its modern design and superb cooling system.


The MM14CCS has a cooling coverage area of around 500 feet which means that it can easily cool two to three adjacent rooms without any difficulty. In addition to its large area coverage, it has a powerful cooling system that cools the room within a few minutes. The fan speeds can also be altered to suit your needs. Like many of the portable air conditioners in the Honeywell series, this too has three modes of operation: fan, cooling and dehumidifying.


As mentioned earlier, the MM14CCS is an elegant-looking air conditioner. It is also very slim and, therefore, compact enough to be placed in small corners. It doesn’t take up too much space in your room. It has four caster wheels which make it mobile and can, thereby, be effortlessly transported from one room to another. This gives an obvious advantage over non-portable air conditioners. It is also highly durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. It will easily last you a few years.

Additionally, it has a set of capacitive buttons which, when pressed, result in the screen lighting up. This makes it easier to read the temperature at night or in low-light settings. It also has a remote control that shows the room temperature so that you do not lose track of how long it takes the room to cool down. Having a remote-controlled air conditioner also means that you don’t have to get up and can control the temperature from wherever you are sitting.

Other Features

The MM14CCS comes packed with an auto-evaporation system, so you don’t have to worry about draining its water. There is an exception, though – in high humidity areas, you might have to check your water tray more often. There are also issues with the amount of noise it makes. When it starts cooling, it makes a pretty audible noise that eventually drops as the cooling continues. However, there is no need to be discouraged since that is an issue with nearly all portable air conditioners.

The best part about this air conditioner is that it is energy efficient and generates much cooler air while consuming little energy. What’s surprising is that the MM14CCS is efficient despite the fact that it has a single-hose design.

All in all, the Honeywell MM14CCS is satisfactory on almost all counts. It has some issues, but they do not eclipse the redeeming qualities of this air conditioner. It adds a lot of oomph to any setting and cools the room faster than many other air conditioners available on the market. The MM14CCS is an air conditioner that I would definitely recommend to those looking for an affordable alternative to battle the heat.

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