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Air conditioners and stoves are appliances found in many homes around the world. Air conditioners provide relief from hot weather and keep indoor spaces cool, while stoves allow people to prepare meals at home. Both appliances require regular maintenance and can be energy-efficient if properly maintained. Air conditioners should be checked regularly for any problems such as leaks, lack of coolant, or blocked air flow which can cause them to become inefficient or even fail altogether. Stoves should have their hoses, filters, and other components inspected for wear and tear, as well as having the connections tightened periodically to prevent gas leaks.

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Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable AC Review

Installing an air conditioner in each one of your rooms is quite a costly task, and only a few can afford to do so. So what can you do when you’re melting in the humid weather? There’s a less costly option for that: a portable air conditioner. Now, however, you have a new dilemma – […]

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A Review of the Honeywell MM14CCS Portable Air Conditioner

Most of us think twice before we buy an air conditioner, mostly because installing one in every room would cost us a fortune. Fortunately, now, we have portable air conditioners which are cheaper and work as well as a non-portable one. One of these air conditioners that you’ll probably want to buy as soon as […]

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Whynter ARC-14S Portable AC Review

Portable air conditioners are all the rage nowadays since most of us do not want to bother installing a separate air conditioner in each room. So if you are looking for a portable air conditioner to cool your home, look no further because the Whynter ARC-14S is here to save you from unbearably hot days. […]

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Best Infrared Heater Reviews of 2018

A 50 feet long electricity bill can make any common man wet with sweat in minutes, but that’s not the kind of solution against cold we are looking for, right? While it’s irrefutable that electricity is the costliest means of room heating, massive progress in technology has brought several affordable alternatives to warm up the […]

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Best Garage Heater Reviews & Easy Guide for Beginners

Garages are usually meant for the cars, and thus they’re not the coziest place to be in, especially in low temperature. They’re constructed from brick and timber only, and often without any kind of insulation to keep them warm. However, there are some like myself who are interested to find other prospects as well – […]

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Best Kerosene Heater Buying Guide and Reviews for 2018

Gone are the days when every household used their fireplaces to heat up the room, technology took over so fast that now, mostly antique houses and suites would probably provide that service. Gas heaters, electric heaters etc. soon made their way into the homes of many. But, even they too presented with a lot of […]

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Best Oil Filled Heater for the Money in 2018

Chill in the air? Has winter made its presence known? Seeking the best space heaters in the market? Look no further. This article presents before you the choicest oil filled heaters, the best in the market in terms of energy efficiency, safety and economy. PictureProductBrandClassReview Editor’s Rating Comfort Zone CZ9009 Comfort ZoneMid Range Read Review […]

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Best Electric Wall Heater – Guide for the Everyman – 2018 Edition

Electric radiators work through resistance. That means electrical line voltage courses through a warming component and as electrical resistance is experienced at the warming component, the component warms up. Electric divider radiators will require a devoted electrical circuit of 120 volts or 240 volts, contingent upon the unit size and the span of the space […]

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